Kentucky Cardinal

Kentucky Cardinal


You are invited to attend the 51st annual state
convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky. This special
event will take place on the weekend of September 11, 12, and 13, I998,
in Owensboro, Kentucky at the lovely Executive Inn.


Excitement seems to build as preparations go forward for
this very special event which is our annual state convention. Friends separated
by distance throughout the commonwealth are looking forward to being together
again. New members, who have never attended a state convention, are anticipating
the joy of making new friends and discovering opportunities to learn more
about the work of the organization.

There will be informative sessions and fun activities
sponsored by our four special interest groups: Merchants Division, Students
Division, Braille Division and Computer Users Division. General sessions
will be packed with timely information from inspirational speakers. There
will be some entertainment and lots of desirable door prizes. Two scholarships
will be presented to a couple of lucky legally blind Kentuckians who are
participating in a college or university program. Of course, you can expect
some surprises throughout the weekend.

One of our fondest dreams has been to organize
a Parents of Blind Children Division, and we hope our dream can be a reality
at this convention. There is a tremendous need for networking among these
parents, and we are anxious to have a vehicle for distributing appropriate
information for their use.

We are handling room reservations (not the hotel). The
convention room rate is $35 per night. Banquet tickets are $ 10 each. Both
of these are being subsidized by the organization. Tickets for the Computer
Users Division luncheon meeting on Saturday are $ 10 each. That price includes
dues to the Division. We are encouraging those who can to pre-register
by sending a check to the NFB of Kentucky and mailing it to Betty Niceley,
3618 Dayton Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40207. The cost of rooms, tickets
for the banquet, tickets for the computer users luncheon, as well as the
$2.00 for registration, can be included in one check. See you in Owensboro.


The national representative for the 1998 NFBK convention
is Joanne Wilson. She is President of the National Federation of the Blind
of Louisiana and a member of the national board of directors. Ms. Wilson
is also director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind. She is a delightful
individual, and we are fortunate to have her for our convention.

This year's chairpersons are as follows: nominating committee,
Lloyd Agnew; awards committee, Kenny Jones; scholarship committee, Lora
Felty; resolutions committee, Tim Cranmer.

Cathy Jackson will be in charge of the banduet and other
food arrangements. George Stokes is the organization's local contact person
in Owensboro.

A long-standing tradition at Kentucky state conventions
is the enthusiastic handling of door prizes by Denise Franklin. Remember
to help Denise collect door prizes for this special weekend. These can
be given to her when you arrive at the convention.


State conventions are highlights in the history
of all Federation affiliates. It is always fun to drag out memories from
past conventions to know which cities have welcomed our organization over
the years. One of the best state conventions to occur in Kentucky took
place twenty years ago. From the very start of that convention right on
through to its conclusion, it was apparent to those in attendance that
a joint effort had been made by members of the host chapter, as well as
the community, to make the venture a success. It does the heart good to
remember the 1978 convention of the National Federation of the Blind of
Kentucky which was hosted by our Henderson Chapter. Twenty years later,
we are convening not too far from there.


Once again this year, Kentucky had a National Federation
of the Blind scholarship winner. She is Nhu Nguyen, a graduate of the University
of Louisville, who is attending law school at Vanderbilt University. Nhu
serves as first vice-president of our Kentucky Student Division. She was
presented with a $3,000 scholarship at the banquet during the national
convention in Dallas, Texas last month.

Nhu has a summer job in Washington, D.C., and we are very
proud of her. You may recall that she won the first $1,000 Emerson Foulke
Memorial Scholarship at our state convention last year.


by Jenny Tyree, President

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Members of the Computer Users Division are gearing up
for a productive time at the convention in Owensboro. We hope you will
plan to be with us for a time of learning and sharing.

Be sure to buy lots of our raffle tickets, because you
just might be the one to win $500. These are being sold before and during
the convention. So, get yourself a bunch of tickets and wait for your name
to be called when the $500 is given away at the banquet. Ticket holders
do not have to be present to win.

Come join the fun and take part in our Computer Users


by Tonia Boyde, President

The state convention is our division's last planned activity
before classes get into full swing. We are looking forward to renewing
acquaintances made at last year's convention in Louisville. Also, we will
have an opportunity to plan activities for the coming year.

Students will have a luncheon meeting on Saturday, Sept.
12, from noon until two p.m. At that time, there will be an election of
officers to serve for the coming year. We are excited about sharing ideas
and strengthening friendships.

Please plan to be with us and join the fun and fellowship.


The Office of Special Education is willing to provide
funding for a joint effort with us to make available to parents and educators
of blind and visually impaired children a workshop designed to demonstrate
and promote the importance of Braille. The Sunday morning meeting of our
Braille division will be devoted to the planning of this important event.
We need to establish the best time, place, and type of program to accomplish
our goals. Renee Scott from the Office of Special Education will be with
us at this meeting. Please make a special effort to be there so we can
take advantage of your valuable input. We are thrilled to be given this
opportunity, and we want to make the best of it.

See you at the Kentucky NAPUB meeting on Sunday morning
in Owensboro.


Betty J. Niceley, President - Louisville

Tim Cranmer, First Vice-President - Louisville

Jenny Tyree, Second Vice-President - Louisville

John W. Glisson, Secretary - Murray

Kenneth W. Jones, Treasurer - Louisville

Lloyd Agnew, President, NFB of Henderson County - Henderson

Charles L. Allen, President, NFB of Frankfort - Frankfort

Jim Conner, President, NFB of Northern KY - Covington

John W. Glisson, President, NFB of Murray - Murray

Cathy Jackson, President, NFB of Greater Louisville -

Ron Milliman, President, NFB of South Central KY - Bowling

Pamela H. Wallace, President, NFB of Lexington - Lexington